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Display Advertising

Banner advertising is a rectangular graphic display that stretches across the top or bottom of a website or down the right or left sidebar. The former type of banner advertisement is called a leaderboard, while the latter is called a skyscraper. Display Media can be highly targeted, in order to hit your target market on desktop, mobile, and tablet without wasting your delicate advertising budget. A web banner or banner ad is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. Display advertising is a type of advertising that is located on websites. It can be seen in a wide range of different formats and contains items such as texts, images, flash, video and audio. The main purpose is to deliver general advertisements and brand messages.

Video Advertising

Now serving millions of impressions daily, video is a fast-growing sector of our business. From pre-, post- and mid-role in-stream inventory to rich media in-banner and integrated mobile video, we have the best video inventory. With advanced targeting options, you can use any of the following targeting capabilities to eliminate waste and increase effectiveness of any video ad campaign:

  • Demographic
  • Keyword
  • Geographic
  • Frequency Capping
  • Campaign Types

Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile video advertising is a form of advertising specifically designed for and targeted at viewers using mobile devices. These types of advertisements, or ads, are usually developed as videos viewed by users of mobile phones and computer tablets. Mobile video advertising can come in a number of different forms and is usually connected to videos or other interactive media viewed for informative or entertainment purposes.
One of the key components of mobile video advertising is that it is developed specifically with the needs and usage habits of mobile device users in mind. This means that these ads are often created for easy viewing on cell phones, which have smaller screens than laptop or desktop computers. Effective development of mobile video advertising also tends to focus on any interactive aspects of different mobile devices. As technological features such as touch sensitive screens have become more popular and common, advertisers creating these ads have adapted to these developments and provide functionality with such features.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, everyemail sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.
Opt-in email advertising, or permission marketing, is a method of advertising via email whereby the recipient of the advertisement has consented to receive it..


Pop-up ads or pop-ups are often forms of online advertising on the World Wide Web intended to attract web traffic or capture email addresses.[1] Pop-ups are generally new web browser windows to display advertisements. The pop-up window containing an advertisement is usually generated by JavaScript using cross-site scripting (XSS), sometimes with a secondary payload using Adobe Flash,[2] but can also be generated by other vulnerabilities/security holes in browser security
A variation on the pop-up window is the pop-under advertisement, which opens a new browser window hidden under the active window. Pop-unders do not interrupt the user immediately and are not seen until the covering window is closed, making it more difficult to determine which web site opened them.

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